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From Obscurity

From Obscurity

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"From Obscurity" is an original abstract mixed media painting comprised of liquid dye, oil paint, acrylic paint, gold embroidery, and beading on linen that has been mounted to birch canvas.

Over the last few years I felt like I was watching the world around me fall apart. Feeling as though I was stripped of my autonomy, my ability to do anything, and most importantly, my ability to affect any change. Carrying on with normalcy felt indulgent and flippant. Yet, the only thing to do was to keep living. I lived with parallel feelings of finding the good in everything when it seemed like there was only bad. I channeled this energy into a medium that was as equally unpredictable as the world around me.

"From Obscurity" measures 20" W x 24" H.

Please note colors may vary slightly in person.

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