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When purchasing handmade object for your home, it can be intimidating to start. What is the right size? Where should you hang it? Not to mention, you want to make sure your investment is a wise one. I've created these styling guides to assist you with your purchase.

The best part? They're totally free!

Art Styling Guide

If you are unsure of what size of art to purchase, or where to hang art in your home, use my Art Styling Guide to assist you. It's full of tips from hanging height, buying the right size, and styling.

Pillow Styling Guide

If you are intimidated by mixing patterns or styling pillows, use my Pillow Styling Guide to show you my most tried and true tricks for styling pillows, mixing patterns, and buying the correct size.


becky pollard

As a tactile person by nature, I have always had a creative flair and delight in making. My art celebrates the inherent properties of materials, resulting in pieces that are as individual as the mediums I explore. My pieces are intended to bring a sense of character to your home and personal style by injecting warmth, texture and color to style your space.

I love helping people find the perfect piece to complete their home.

If you need  help, you've come to the right place.