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Drip 07 Oversized Framed Print

Drip 07 Oversized Framed Print

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Prints of "Drip 07" are printed on premium velvet paper which mimics the texture of the watercolor paper the original was painted on. "Drip 07" is an abstract mixed media painting comprised of ink and acrylic on watercolor paper.

I began my artist journey as a painter. I often return to it when I need a moment of solace. These were created out of one such moment. A dull winter’s morning pushed me to create these happy pieces to break out of my creative shell. I loved playing with unique color combinations, the organic and expressive forms, and the unknown nature of the end result. This collection brought me so much joy to create and I hope it brings you the same!

This print of "Drip 07" is 30" W x 20" H and measures 32" W x 22" H in the frame. This product is available for purchase through Hudson Hill in Denver.

Please note colors may vary slightly in person.

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