The Benefits of Buying Art Prints vs. Originals

The Benefits of Buying Art Prints vs. Originals

While we would all love to say we only purchase original artwork, it falls outside the realm of possibility for most of us. Luckily, even though we may not have Sotheby's level art budgets, it doesn't mean our walls have to be naked or filled with box store art! 

Enter: the fine art print. These are a wonderful way to support small (and still living!) artists. Not only do you get a more accessible price point to artwork, but you also get a unique piece that you won't find damaged in the back of a rack at Home Goods. 

I love art prints for many reasons, but I will break down my top three reasons below.

1- Sizing Flexibility

You may absolutely love an original that is just too large for the blank space on your wall. Or you may want a piece to brighten up your desk at work and a 40x60 just won't cut it. Prints give artists the opportunity to meet you where you are! They are often available in a variety of sizes and often can do custom sizing if you need something specific.

2- No Custom Framing Required

I can't tell you how many people I've encountered in my years as an Interior Designer and Artist that are terrified of framing. I get it! You walk into a framer and there are a million in one mat options, a million and two frame options, and you feel so overwhelmed you don't know where to begin. Luckily, with standardized print sizing, you can purchase most frames from your favorite retailers. 

Need help selecting a standard frame? I've rounded up my favorites here!

3- Budget Friendly

Can I get an amen? As an artist myself I would love to own originals of all of my favorite colleagues. Unfortunately, the wall space in my home and my wallet simply won't allow for that. But the ability to get affordable art and support a friend? It's a win win!

Do you have art styling questions? I've got you covered! Check out my FREE art styling guide.

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