Interior Design Tips From An Interior Designer Turned Artist

Interior Design Tips From An Interior Designer Turned Artist


I'm Becky, the artist behind seven | sixteen. Previously I was an Interior Designer for ten years and with ten years of design experience, I have a lot of design tips and tricks I want to share! 

I find Interior Design or design in general seems to be really gate kept, elusive, exclusive, and elitist when it shouldn't be. This information should be easily accessible to everyone. Once you know these tricks, styling anything in your home will be a breeze. 

I promise these tricks all have simple solutions that will make your home look more expensive, timeless, and curated. Often they don't involve buying anything new, just simple tweaks you can make with things you already own! 

Follow along in my new series focusing on these design tips and tricks, specifically relating to art and pillows since these are my areas of expertise. But if you have any questions relating to anything interiors, please let me know and I'll be happy to answer them!

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