How To Find The Correct Pillow Insert

How To Find The Correct Pillow Insert

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You found the perfect pillow, you love it, you pull the trigger, but something just isn't right. Let's discuss how to get the perfect insert to make all of your pillows look and feel as luxurious as possible!

What Size Insert Should You Get?

When purchasing an insert, make sure you size UP. You read that correctly! If you have a 20" x  20" pillow, you should purchase a 22" x 22" pillow fill. This will fill out the pillow leaving no gaps in the fabric creating a perfectly lush surface and instantly making your pillow look ten times more expensive.

What Fill Should You Get?

I prefer the look of down, or down alternative for those with allergies, inserts. Poly fills lose their shape over time, will slide down your sofa, and are not nearly as fluffy and comfortable! 

Here are some of my favorites.

Yes, down inserts do go flat over time, but don't worry, I've got an easy tip to refresh them to look as good as new!

How Do You Refresh A Pillow That Has Gone Flat?

Simply grab the pillow from the top two corners and drop it from about waist height straight onto the floor. Repeat this 3-5 times and you'll see the pillow bounce right back to it's original shape. Do this as often as necessary to keep your pillows looking great. 

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