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"Stevie" is an original woven wall hanging using natural wood and a blend of monochromatic yarns. The geometric design and blunt cut rya emulate the edgy style of a rock-n-roll idol.

Who knew the strangest gift I have ever received would turn into a new found love of fiber arts? I was gifted a large wooden walking stick when leaving my first ever job. At first I was offended, but after a few years it was too funny to throw away. I began thinking of a way I could repurpose it and I dreamt up a chunky wall hanging with dip-dyed ends. After completing it, I was hooked! I had to roll up my sleeves and explore more in the fiber world. 

"Stevie" measures 8"W x 20.5"H.

Please note colors may vary slightly in person.

Dimensions are of the actual piece itself, hanging height can be adjusted based on installation methods.