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"Avery" is an original woven wall hanging using natural wood and a blend of cotton yarns. The geometric patterning is contrasted by the white and black color palette.

Who knew the strangest gift I have ever received would turn into a new found love of fiber arts? I was gifted a large wooden walking stick when leaving my first ever job. At first I was offended, but after a few years it was too funny to throw away. I began thinking of a way I could repurpose it and I dreamt up a chunky wall hanging with dip-dyed ends. After completing it, I was hooked! I had to roll up my sleeves and explore more in the fiber world. 

"Avery" measures 14" W x 26" H.

Please note colors may vary slightly in person.

Dimensions are of the actual piece itself, hanging height can be adjusted based on installation methods.

Shipping costs to domestic United States is included. International shipping costs will be calculated based on location and billed separately.